Liberty Court/Gardens/Close

Residents of Liberty Court, Gardens and Close join with the Birmingham Navigators for their hallgroup meetings.

A Christian? Interested in Christianity? Just like discussing the big questions of life the universe and everything? Come and meet like minded people.

If you live in Liberty Gardens, Liberty Court, or Liberty Close then you can do all the above in the safety of your own accomodation. Otherwise we'll be meeting in Bournville/Selly Oak. No prior knowledge required, just an open mind and a willingness to discuss the important things in life - does my course matter? Who is Jesus? The bible was written ages ago, how can it be relevant to me today? Is hot squash an amazing drink or a confusing experience for those expecting tea?

Birmingham Navigators Website

Lower Vale (Shackleton/Mason)

Welcome to the home of exploration for Mason and Shackleton! We are over the moon to invite you all to join our explore group. What does this mean? In the simplest terms, we are a group that meets weekly to explore the challenges and questions that may come to mind when thinking of Christianity. This will involve delving into the bible and sharing opinions or interpretations on what we find. Over the academic year we will grow as a family of students, from any religious background, and encourage each other in every tricky step that comes our way. The hope is that our family will grow over campus and bring joy (in the form of the gospel) to all who meet us! As part of this family you will never be without prayers, or people to turn to when life gets tough. We cannot wait to meet you, and take the journey of Birmingham life together! Much love from Scott and Sophia (aka SaS)

Pritchatts Park

Welcome to the Pritchatts Park Explore Group.

We hope to reach out to as many people in our Hall groups and on campus to discuss the Big Questions, discuss the bible and Christianity, and just share our lives with one another by having some fun.

We will be meeting weekly on a Monday at 7pm in the Pritchatts Park Social Centre and will hold events throughout the year within the halls and on campus.

Tennis Courts

Hello! This is the Facebook group for Tennis Courts very own Explore Group for 2016. The group is run by UBCU (University of Birmingham Christian Union) and seeks to involve all and foster community whilst exploring the big questions surrounding Christian faith! We also plan to run socials termly and eat a lot of food! Everyone is welcome and if you have any questions at all this group is the place to ask them!

Emma and Matty, your Explore Group leaders x

Upper Vale (Maple/Elgar/Aitken/Chamberlain)

We are the Upper Vale (Maple Bank, Aitken Wing, Chamberlain and Elgar Court) Explore Group as part of the University of Birmingham Christian Union. We meet every week to eat and to discuss questions about life, God and to explore Christianity more. This group is currently led by three second years at UoB - Rachel McVicar, Adam Penwright and Jenny Robertson.


Welcome to Victoria, Jarratt and Off Campus Explore Group!! We're so excited to meet together this academic year and discuss the Bible, big questions and also share our lives and food together! We will be meeting together weekly and also holding events to reach out to people on our campus.